Music Video Competition

Top Score Record Show presents the 6th Annual EFS 72-Hour Music Video Competition.

After an unexpected hiatus, the Music Video Competition will (hopefully) return in Spring of 2023!

Regional filmmakers and musicians are invited to compete to produce the best music videos within 72 hours, incorporating a mandated creative element and prop. Films submitted by deadline will be screened by a jury of media professionals, and by a public audience at the Broadway Metro. The film selected “Jury Award” winner will receive a $777 cash prize, and the film voted “Audience Award” winner at the screening event will also receive a $333 cash prize.

How to Participate

There are two ways to participate in the competition:

MUSICIANS not affiliated with a filmmaking team are invited to submit as many original songs as they like. Musicians affiliated with a filmmaking team may submit as part of that filmmaking team’s registration. All songs will be made available to registered filmmaking teams as they are received. Once a filmmaking team selects the song they wish to create a video for, it will be removed from the pool of available songs. Song submissions should be no longer than 5 minutes. Level of participation by musicians in the video production will vary by project, and is at the discretion of the filmmaking team. There is no fee for song submissions.

FILMMAKERS have three options for selecting a song to work with:

  • Select a song from the song submission pool
  • Select an appropriately-licensed song from Creative Commons
  • Submit an original song from an affiliated musician when registering.

Registration fee for filmmaking teams is $25.

Music Videos

Scholarships Available

Thanks to a fund generously provided by Mark & Joy Gall, 3 SCHOLARSHIPS WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE for filmmaking teams. To apply for scholarship, please email us describing your interest in music video production and link an example of prior work. Scholarships include waived registration fees, plus four tickets to the screening event.
Inquire at info@eugenefilmsociety.com

Music Videos

Register Early

After registering, filmmakers will attend an informal competition kick-off event, where they will be notified of the mandated creative element and prop, and will be issued a USB drive. Completed films must be returned on the issued USB drive at the competition wrap event.

Filmmakers participating from outside Eugene, or who are otherwise unable to attend the kick-off and/or wrap event, may still compete, but must make alternative arrangements in advance via email at info@eugenefilmsociety.com.

Register early, as participation is limited to the first 20 filmmaking teams to register.

Screening Music Videos

Videos submitted by deadline, and meeting all specifications and guidelines, will be screened publicly at Broadway Metro cinema in downtown Eugene at 888 Willamette Street. Tickets to the screening event are $9/Adult, $8/Student, $6/Senior/Child. Audience members at the screening event will be invited to vote for their favorite film and determine the 2020 “Audience Award” winner.

Both the Jury and Audience Award winners will be announced at the competition screening, and prize packages will be awarded to musicians and filmmakers for excellence in several categories!

K-Space ft. Katya Grasso by Hyperion

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