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Screendance Expo

Every day, more and more people are appreciating Screendance as an art form. More than simply a filmed dance, Screendance is a true collaboration between dance and film, where the choreographer and filmmaker work together combining the techniques of creative movement with the techniques of filmmaking to create a kinetic experience which could never exist on a stage but can only exist onscreen.

Dance and Film

For the past five years, the NW Screendance Expo has curated film submissions from around the world for its annual festival screenings and workshops. The films most likely to be featured in the Expo blend creative movement and film so exquisitely that the resulting work is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Creative Movement

We want to experience your definition of “creative movement”! Historically, a large number of Screendance submissions use postmodern dance as the movement vocabulary, but there are so many other forms of movement out there— we’ve seen excellent submissions ranging from hip-hop to ballet, to animated films, and want to continue to broaden the scope of our programming to include artistic creations integrating folk dance, martial arts, or even bikes and skateboards into their motion… be ambitious, and broaden our horizons!

Show us the very best of your creative minds at work, and win cash prizes!
Visit our FilmFreeway page for rules and submission details!
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